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About RMT-ACT613-1

The thermostat is used to control the temperature of residential houses and business building.

The thermostat is used to control the boiler, the temperature in electrical heating system and valve in water circulation radiant heating system.

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Simple to install.

Easy -to -use programming

VA display, a large clear LCD display with backlight.

The clock continues to run automatically upon reset.

The four programming period: morning, noon, afternoon, night.

Three kinds of operation mode for different climate:automatic, energy-saving  mode, manual mode

Data storage functionality upon power-failure

Child lock.

More energy efficient (saving over 20% energy)


Technical specification

Switching Voltage: AC220~240V±10%

Display accuracy:1℃

Temperature scale: 0~35℃

Operating temperature range:-10~50℃

Sampling rate: 5 seconds

Peak power: <0.5W

Output: 3A/250VAC,7A/250VAC,16A/250VAC

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