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    Beijing Remote Meter Technology Co. Ltd is the major manufacturer in China for wireless smart thermostat, building automation, energy saving heating control. It aims at developing, producing better performance and better quality HVAC products in China, located in Z–Park.
    We always adhere to the humanistic strategy management philosophy of the “people-oriented and mutual development”. RMT has a highly skilled, qualified and motivated professional team following 10-year continuous development. With a strong R&D and engineering team, our mission is to provide satisfactory HVAC solution and better products to our customers all over the world.
    RMT has successfully developed and customized various products for our clients' requirements, such as building automation energy saving system, central air-conditional thermostat, heating thermostat, wireless thermostat and wifi thermostat with a leading wireless communication technology.
    RMT has specific departments for R & D, operations, purchasing, marketing and quality control. RMT has its own self-contained high-standard laboratory, where professional members of staff can test and monitor the quality of products.……
    Room 823, Core Plaza, Sector 3, No1. Shangyuan Street, Zhongguancun West, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China.
    Technical Support:Kaitian Network


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